Friday, September 2, 2011

Flight of Fancy

They gave you wings
To let you fly.
They taught you to dream
To reach for the stars in the sky.
They set you free.
They let you be.
They stood by your side.
They watched with pride.
And when you scaled new heights,
It warmed their heart
But higher meant farther
And that tore them apart.
But words remained unspoken.
Love didn't permit them to say
That you'd found your path,
But you'd lost your way.
For you never turned back
You didn't see their concern
The cage was golden
But you wouldn't return.
There soon came a time
When you paused in the sky;
You've travelled this far
But you can't remember why.
You're suddenly tired
As you stand there alone
You want to go back
But now you can't find your way home.

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